W5YI VEC Greeter Script

W5YI VE Greeter Script v4 04/08/2021

CVE: make sure Zoom is in Gallery view

CVE: make sure Security/Allow participants to share screen is enabled.

CVE: start examtools session

Before we begin, some additional reminders:

  1. Make sure you have your government issued photo ID handy.
  2. Ensure you are 100% focused during the entire exam session.
  3. Any distractions or anomalies could be cause to void the exam at the sole discretion of the VE Team. Anomalies include, but are not limited to:
    1. Notable distraction by you, such as eyes not remaining on the exam and/or wandering around the room, or any noises.
    2. Your appearing to reference or use unauthorized materials (e.g. looking at cell phone, even just the lock screen, changing windows on computer, etc.)
    3. Another person entering the exam space (on camera, physically, or audibly).
    4. Your getting up or leaving the room during the exam.
  4. Once you start the exam, the Volunteer Examiners will turn off their audio so as to not distract you – but we’ll be listening and watching. Please leave your audio and video on. Give us a shout if you need anything and when you are ready for grading click the “grade exam” button and let us know you are ready.
  5. Make sure to answer all the questions: Only correct answers add points; incorrect answers don’t subtract, so it’s best to guess rather than leave an answer blank. Good luck with the exam


  • Welcome
  • [If the candidate has multiple devices, try to admit the computer first, and the phone next. Instruct the candidate to join with video only, not audio, on the phone. This is not always possible, because devices in the waiting room will not always be identifiable by candidate name or device type.]
  • Photo ID.
  • Is government issued ID acceptable to all VE’s?
  • 360 tour of your room to make sure there is nothing visible to assist you in the exam. Please slowly rotate your camera so we can see all 4 walls from your sitting perspective as well as your desktop area.
  • Is the 360 tour of the testing environment acceptable to all VE’s?
  • Share entire desktop screen by clicking on the green “Share Screen” link at the bottom center of your Zoom window. Select “Desktop 1,” “Screen 1,” or similar from the list of screen share options, then click the Share button in the lower right corner of the window.
  • Close any programs or applications except Zoom, a browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred), and optionally a calculator app.
  • Do you want to use an onscreen calculator?
  • If so, launch then position it on screen then, clear memory for us to verify nothing is stored to assist you.
  • In the URL (address bar) enter “Exam.Tools” then press enter.
  • Enter the session callsign in first line (Session Call)
  • Enter your PIN in the second line (Session Pin)
  • Click “Join Session” [one of the VEs will need to approve this by clicking on the red icon near the candidate’s PIN in the Exam Tools window and then clicking Approve]
  • Check accuracy of all personal information
  • If yes, click “Start Exam” [one of the VEs will need to approve this by clicking on the red icon near the candidate’s PIN in the Exam Tools window and then clicking Approve]
  • Exam instructions:
  • This is not a timed exam so work through it at your own pace.
  • Notice the upper right corner, in black bar, lists number of questions in your exam.
  • This number will count down as you answer questions.
  • When all questions are answered, you will see a “Grade Exam” button.
  • Click this button when you are ready for us to grade your exam, but don’t feel rushed. You are free to go back and review your answers prior to clicking the “Grade Exam” button.
  • To navigate the exam,
  • Use your mouse or touchpad to scroll to each question and answer, or
  • Use your keyboard to select answers “A, B, C or D” for each question. The program will automatically advance to the next question for you.
  • You are free to answer questions in any order, and you are free review your answers and to change the answer to any question by clicking on a different answer.
  • If you skip a question, its question number will appear on the left side of the black bar so all you need to do is click on it to automatically jump back to that question.
  • If you happen to have a question with a diagram; simply click on the diagram to expand it, click again to return it to its original size so you can answer the question.
  • You are free to minimize the Zoom Window so our images don’t distract you.
  • We will mute our microphones to not distract you but you should keep your mic unmuted.
  • We will be observing your video and audio during your exam. If you have any technical issues, we will assist you. Simply talk and one or more of us will unmute to help.
  • Do you have any questions? If not, you may begin.
  • [When the candidate completes the exam, one of the VEs will need to grade the exam by clicking on the red icon near the candidate’s PIN, entering their password, and then clicking Approve.]


  • Did you study for the next level exam?
  • If “yes,” would you like to take the exam today?
  • If “no,” we need to move on to signing the forms before we can submit your license information to W5YI & FCC.
  • Click on the “Finish & Sign forms” button to end exam and proceed to signing the documents.
  • Review the information on these forms to ensure accuracy.
  • There are 2 forms you will be signing; the form “605” and the “CSCE.”
  • Click on the Form 605. This is your application to take your exam today. Check your personal information for accuracy then click close.
  • Click on the Form CSCE. This is your Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam. It will have 3 VE signatures that certify you took and passed your exam. The red “Draft” will be removed after we have signed and Herb has processed it for sending to you. If that all looks good, you can click on the “Close” button.
  • Next, after reading the bulleted items above the signature box; you’ll need to create a digital signature in the box with your mouse or touchpad.
  • Click “sign documents” when done
  • Click “Finish session”
  • Click “Log Out”
  • Stop Screen Sharing at the top of the Zoom window.
  • What will happen now is, 3 VEs will sign the forms [done in Exam Tools by clicking on the icon with the pen – Note that this requires the VE password]. Herb will email the completed CSCE to you and submit the forms to W5YI for processing. In most cases, you will have your license by the next business day.
  • If candidate is in
  • Main Room: Click the red “Leave Meeting” button to leave the meeting [one all devices].
  • Breakout Room: Click the blue “Leave Room” button, then choose “Leave Meeting” [on all devices]. FAILING GRADE:
  • Encourage the candidate to study for the exam at hamstudy.org. Explain the difference between Study Mode and Practice Exams. [Study Mode will ensure that the candidate sees every question in the question pool, and is drilled more frequently on questions that they have difficulty with. Practice Exams contain random questions from the question pool, and there is no guarantee that the candidate will see every question.]
  • [Note that 3 VEs must sign the forms even if the candidate fails the exam.]