W5YI VEC Session Checklist

The following was the W5YI VE Team Checklist as of June 1, 2020.

Overview of tools we use

We use the following tools:

  • ExamTools of course.
  • Zoom Pro to run the session.
    • We “record to cloud or computer” and then save the mp4 file.
  • Venmo, Cash App, Zelle and PayPal to collect exam fees.
  • My bank account to send exam payment to the W5YI/VEC. ( most VE’s get a Debit card and send the info to W5YI to charge Exam fees to)

Creating a New Session

  • Clone an existing exam session in examtools and update date, confirm max number of candidates.

Check for candidate registrations on exam day

Wait for candidate payment

  • Get payment confirmation .
  • If a candidate responds with a CSCE.
    • Check ULS to see if no longer needed. If still needed, you’ll want to merge it into the session report, below.
  • If candidates don’t respond with payment before the session, cancel them:
    • delete from examtools.
  • Email Zoom Invite

During session

  • Start Zoom meeting.
  • Examtools: Start session.
  • For each candidate
    • CVE co-owner/VE admin assigns 4 VEs to each candidate
    • Follow greeter script.
      • Admit candidate, run exam(s), get examinee signature, etc.
    • VE’s sign all 605’s pass or fail.
    • CVE Finalizes candidate.
  • CVE Finalize session.

After session

Email CSCEs to each successful candidate

  • Examtools: Open each candidate.
  • Email CSCE to candidates using CSCE.

Create VEC upload PDF package:

  • New! Examtools: Export dat and save with default name: ExamSession_(Callsign)_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.dat.
  • Examtools: Print Session Forms/Final Forms and download using the default name: ExamSession_(Callsign)_YYYYMMDD_HHMM.pdf
  • If you have a Exam Debit card on file W5YI will charge exam fess when the exam is processed. Otherwise make payment to W5YI.
  • Upload .dat and .pdf and any support documents to W5YI DropBox ( contact W5YI for details)
  • Wait for Zoom to render recording and save zoom-0.mp4.

Post session – callsign lookups

  • Examtools will Email call signs or upgrade completion notifications.