Team Accounts for Session Management


The primary purpose of a “team account” in ExamTools is to own exam sessions and schedules. It’s purely an administrative entity. Team accounts can have a name, contact email, and website. There is no need to add everyone who is on your actual team to the ExamTools “team account”.

Create a New Team Account:

  • Click on Team Accounts on the left navigation in Exam Tools.
  • Click on + New Team Account in the middle upper area below the ExamTools page header.
  • New Team Account window should pop-up with four fields for you to define.
  • Team Identifier (Team ID) - A team is identified on the schedule by a “team identifier” which starts with a letter, is 3-10 characters long, and can contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. Any single word, call sign or acronym can be used to uniquely identify the team. ex. UVARC, NT3ST-R, etc. Enter the call sign of the session manager, if you are not planning on having a team ID.
  • Team Name - the team’s name or group associated with the team account
  • Contact E-mail Address - a valid email address associated with the administrator (owner) of the team
  • VEC (Which of your VEC credentials should this team be allowed to use to schedule exams?) - Select an available VEC from the drop-down menu. The individual setting up the account will have the option of selecting from the VECs for which they are a session manager/team lead/liaison in ExamTools. Select all that apply to this account.
  • When done, click Save to exit.

Team Accounts : To edit or view team accounts

  • Within Team Accounts, locate the account you wish to view and click on the Manage Account button which will allow you to view all the fields and setting for the account.
  • Team Identifier: - Used by the applicants to login and join the exam; also used in permalinks for the session and the team on HamStudy.
  • Team Name: - Displays along with the team identifier in the session listing on HamStudy.
  • Contact E-mail Address: - Should contain a valid email address for the administrator(s) of the account.
  • Team Website: - Enter the url (i.e. http://…) for the website for the club or group associated with this team account. Leave blank if you do not have one.
  • My team permissions: - The personal permissions settings for the team account you are viewing. (not editable and set by the owner/co-owner of the session)
  • Delegated Privileges: (In order to list sessions for a given VEC one or more VEs who are at least co-owners must delegate their team lead permissions to the team. Note that sessions must still have a valid team lead assigned from the team, but anyone with Scheduling permissions may schedule sessions for any VEC for which the team has delegated permissions.) - Only those with session manager permissions in ExamTools will see VECs in the Delegate Privileges list. Select the VEC for which you would like the team schedulers to be able to create sessions for. If selected, the VEC will display below the feature.

Add, Edit, and Delete Administrators

  • Adminstrators: - A list of those VEs who are part of your team management. This list does not include everyone of your VEs, but rather those few who assist with the scheduling, coordinating and running of the sessions.
  • Click on the + INVITE next to Administrator: to add administrators who will need to accept your invitation.
  • Use the Edit (pencil and paper icon) or Delete (trash can icon) to manage admins on the list.
  • Click Edit, to Change team admin permissions.
  • The team admin’s call sign and license class will display along with the Name: which may use the Display Name from the VE’s Profile, if entered.
  • Credentials: - Displays how many VECs the admin is accredited with.
  • Permissions (select from the drop down) - Choose from Owner, Co-owner and Schedule
  • You can have one or more Owners who are co-equal – this means that any of them can even remove the others from the team account. Because of this, most teams will want to just have a single Owner who is the primary person responsible and then add others as “co-owners”. A co-owner can do anything an owner can except add or remove other owners or co-owners. Selecting schedule will allow that memeber to create and edit sessions for the team.
  • Click Cancel, if you want to discard changes or Save when editing is complete.
  • If you would like to return to the list of team accounts, click the back arrow in the upper left corner under Manage Team Account.

Administrators can see the team account sessions in the Session List even if they have not been added to the session as a VE. If you are a co-owner or owner you can join the session and add VEs.

Regular VEs who do not have administrative duties would normally not be part of the team account. One of the owners or co-owners of the team will need to add not only themselves, but also attending VEs to each exam session.