Sandbox Exams and Dummy VEs

Sandbox/Training Environment

For training purposes, use the ExamTools (ET) sandbox environment at Training sessions which are created in the sandbox will be found on To get started, checkout the instructions on how to create a team and how to create a session in ExamTools. You may want to reference the in-person exam instructions for how you may want to register your applicants and run your training session.

Sandbox ExamTools Accounts:

Volunteer Examiners (VEs) who want access to the sandbox will need to register for a sandbox ET account even if they already have a production ET account. Team leads will need to request session manager permissions be added to their sandbox account in order to create a team and run training exam sessions. All features available in production can be tested out and mastered in the sandbox before a live session is scheduled.

Fake Applicants:

Use to register fake applicants for your training session and experience what an applicant would experience. Alternatively, practice registering applicants in ExamTools, if you allow walk-in applicants at your exam session. Click the Add Applicant button in the upper right (opposite the sort order selector) of the applicant list. To create your own fake applicant, enter ten zeros (0000000000) in the FRN field or use a real FRN or call sign to automatically lookup the record from the ULS. To populate the fields with a fake applicant’s information, look to the upper right corner of the dialog box and click on the Action dropdown. Then, select Create Fake.

Dummy VEs:

If you do not have enough real VEs to train with, you can use dummy VEs. Dummy VEs can only be used with assigning to an applicant and signing; they use a special callsign format like E92USR – E means “Extra class” (and G means “General”), 92 can be any 2 digit number, and USR is just a common suffix eg. G23USR, E12USR, etc.

The password for each dummy VE is passwordNN where NN is the number, so for E46USR, the password is password46. If you put in the wrong password, ET will prompt with a hint.

Rules for Dummies:

  • Use E or G for the license class prefix.
  • The two digits can range from 01-99.
  • Suffix should always be USR (user). E01ABC is not a valid dummy VE.
  • You cannot login to ET with a dummy account.

If you use a “T” as a prefix, you will get the tech error and you will not be able to use the dummy VE. If you try to add someone who does not hold a General or Extra class license, you will get the same error in production.

Creating a Dummy VE:

Add a dummy VE as you would a VE in a live session.

Using the Dummy VE:

Click the Assign VE button and select the VE who you want to sign from the dropdown. Once the exam is complete, hover over the Manage VE Signatures icon, select the VE who you want to sign again and enter in the password.

Acing the Exam:

A VE will need to log in at as an applicant using another browser window or device to use for the training exam session. Once you’ve started the exam, use the equal symbol (=) on your keyboard to answer the question correctly and advance to the next question. Or answer each question on your own and see how you do!