Edit the VE List in an ExamTools Session

Add a VE to an Exam Session:

You must be a owner or co-owner to add VEs to the session. Add VEs to the manifest at any time until the exam is finalized.

  • Login to ExamTools by clicking on [SIGN IN] under Assist with or Manage Exams.

  • In the second window Log in as a Volunteer Examiner, enter your Username or email and Password.

  • ExamTools (ET) should open in the Session List.

To add a VE to an exam session, select an existing session from the Session List.

By default, the Applicant tab is active. Click on the Volunteer Examiner tab to the left of the active tab. At the top of the VE page, located and click the button + ADD VES.

The Add Volunteer Examiners window should popup with a field in the upper right corner VE call sign (enter to add).

Type in the call sign of the VE who you would like to add. Hit Enter on your keyboard and then click SAVE on your screen. To add more than one VE, just keep entering call signs and enter until you have added all your VEs, then click SAVE to add them to the session all at once. ExamTools will not add a VE more than once even if you add them again.

VEs need to have an ExamTools account with VE Documents for the same VEC as the session is associated with. If you are presented with an UNREGISTERED to the right of the VE, the VE does not have what they need to be added to your session. New to ExamTools VEs will need to create an ExamTools account. VEs who have volunteered with a different VEC using ET may need to add additional VEC accreditation to their existing account.

Setting VE Permissions:

You have three different levels of permissions which you can sign to VEs. Volunteer Examiner, VE Admin and Co-Owner are explained on the VE Roles and Permissions in an ExamTools Session page. The Session Manager who created the session is the owner and can not be changed.

From the dropdown located on the right side of the VE’s name, select the role at which you want the VE to participate in the session with. The Volunteer Examiner setting by default will allow VEs to authorize and certify exams and under MANAGE, view applicant information.

How to Remove a VE from an Exam Session:

Look for an x in a small solid circle located to the right of the VE within the VE list. Clicking on the x will result in a popup “Are you sure you want to remove VE Name (Call Sign) from the session?" Select YES. Do not remove VEs who are currently assigned to an applicant or have authorized exams. This may break something in your session.