CUARC VEC Greeter Script

CUARC VE Greeter Script v2.5 02/02/2021

CVE: make sure Zoom is in Gallery view

CVE: make sure Security/Allow participants to share screen is enabled.

CVE: set examtools session to In Progress

CVE: queue up recorded greeting in QuickTime Player

Hello and welcome to our Amateur Radio exam session. [Roundtable VE introductions – name, callsign, location].

play recorded greeting – Share QT window w/audio

BEGIN Recorded Video Script

We ask that you please bear with us as we refine the process for performing a fully-remote proctored exam. The process may seem onerous and somewhat invasive. It may seem like we suspect that each candidate might try to cheat. The CUARC VE team did not come up with the complete process and requirements, but we have a liability to uphold the trust put in us.

Before we begin, some additional reminders:

  1. Make sure you have your photo ID handy.
  2. Ensure you are 100% focused during the entire exam session.
  3. Any distractions or anomalies could be cause to void the exam at the sole discretion of the VE Team. Anomalies include, but are not limited to:
    1. Notable distraction by you, such as eyes not remaining on the exam and/or wandering around the room, or any noises.
    2. Your appearing to reference or use unauthorized materials (e.g. looking at cell phone, even just the lock screen, changing windows on computer, etc.)
    3. Another person entering the exam space (on camera, physically, or audibly).
    4. Your getting up or leaving the room during the exam.
  4. Once you start the exam, the Volunteer Examiners will all turn off their video and audio so as to not distract you – but we’ll be listening and watching. Please leave your audio and video on. Give us a shout if you need anything and when you are ready for grading click the “grade exam” button and let us know you are ready.
  5. Make sure to answer all the questions: Only correct answers add points; incorrect answers don’t subtract, so it’s best to guess rather than leave an answer blank. Good luck with the exam

Please respond to the next questions, and, if you don’t agree or can’t comply, we’ll end this now and refund your fee.

END Recorded Video Script

  • Are you 18 years of age or over?
    • No, Under 13: Did parent send in COPPA form?
    • No: Under 18: must have parent/guardian give permission and they must remain in the room to chaperone.
  • Do you consent to the data, audio, video, and screen-share recording of the fully-remote exam session, all of which may be retained for 15 months for test integrity audits, review, and training?
    • (No: seeya)
  • Please confirm your name and hold up your photo ID to the camera
  • Please connect to the Zoom session with your second device now.
  • Please show us around the room:
    • do a 360 of the room
    • show us the ceiling, floor, wall behind the computer
    • desk with laptop/desktop
    • anything up your sleeves?
    • under the laptop, mouse, mousepad, keyboard
    • no papers or anything on the desk
      • Optional: One blank piece of paper and pen or pencil for doing calculations.
      • Optional: Calculator (if not using built-in OS calculator)
        • show that it is cleared of any functions
  • Please position your second device to the side so we can see your hands on the keyboard, computer display, etc. It needs to be stable enough to remain there for the entire session. It should also be fully charged or plugged in so it doesn’t run out of battery.
  • Now share your complete desktop in Zoom.
  • Go to the desktop settings and show us there are no other displays attached.
    • Mac OS: System Preferences/Displays
    • Windows: Right click on the desktop…
  • Show us that you have no apps open other than the browser with a single tab and the calculator app open next to it.
  • Make sure to close any applications like email and messaging apps that might cause a pop-up during the exam.
  • Now please click on replacing XXXX with your PIN.
    • CVE makes sure VEs are assigned to the candidate
    • CVE approves starting candidate.
  • We are going to start recording now.
    • CVE: Start recording locally and make sure in gallery view.
  • Have you used to practice?
    • No - give quick tutorial
  • If you need to look away, move around, etc. please inform us first. Just shout out and we’ll unmute and respond shortly. We’ll all be turning off our video and audio but will be watching and listening.
  • CVE approves starting test.
  • … exam …
  • Now please click on grade your exam
    • VEs turn on video.
    • CVE approves grading.
  • We are going to stop recording now.
    • CVE: pause/stop recording locally and make sure in gallery view.
  • If the candidate passes: Congratulations, are you ready to try the next element?
    • If so, rinse and repeat.
    • If not, click Sign Out.
  • If the candidate fails: Sorry, looks like you need to study a bit more. Seeya.
  • If the candidate passes and is DONE: OK, we’ll be submitting your results to the ARRL/VEC and you should expect to receive a CSCE from me via email soon. Your results should show up on the FCC website within a day or two and you should expect an email notification.
  • Do you have any questions or feedback about the exam session?
  • Thanks and congratulations. Please consider joining the ARRL if you’re not already a member.
  • CVE disconnects the candidate.