Create and Edit Sessions in ExamTools

To Add a Session to HamStudy

Detailed instructions to schedule an exam session in the ExamTools software are written below. You may also watch this video for a walk-through.

  • Login to ExamTools by clicking on [SIGN IN] under Assist with or Manage Exams.

  • In the second window Log in as a Volunteer Examiner, enter your Username or email and Password.

  • ExamTools (ET) should open in the Session List.

  • On the left navigation, click on Manage Sessions.

  • Upcoming Sessions should display at top.

  • On the far right of the title header row, click on Add new.

  • The Add Session window should display.

  • Event name (summary): Enter your session title to display in HamStudy listing. You may want to include time and time zone, in-person or remote/online information as well.

  • VEC: Select the VEC organization which is associated with this exam.

  • Session Type: Select Online Session or In-Person Session from the radio buttons.

  • If you select In-Person Session, a Location field will appear. Enter the street address of the exam session venue. Once entered, a preview of a map will pop up. The map will also be visible on HamStudy.

  • Time zone: Select your time zone from the dropdown list.

  • Date and time: Enter the date and time which your applicants should expect the exam to begin.

  • Maximum number of applicants (0 for unlimited): Enter the number of applicants you would like to limit the session to. If you are just using ET for scheduling, then just leave this blank.

  • Duration in minutes: Enter the number of minutes you expect the session to last (i.e. a two-hour exam would be 120 mins).

  • Fee amount: Enter the amount for your exams as directed by your VEC. You can add payment information, terms and info about waived fees in the session description in Other Notes field farther down in the form.

  • ExamTools Features Desired: From the dropdown, select one from the following list. By default Schedule only is selected.

    • [Schedule, Registration, and Exams] - Your exam will appear on the schedule, registration will be enabled, and users will be assigned a PIN which they will receive in their email. Use this option if you plan to do remote or in-person exams in ET.

    • [Schedule and Registration] - Your exam will appear on the schedule and online registration will be enabled, but users will not receive a PIN. Use this option if you plan to use a method other than ET to test applicants.

    • [Schedule only] - Your exam will appear on the schedule and online registration will be disabled. Use this option for listing your in-person, walk-up exam or if you are going to be registering applicants in another manner. Add registration information to the session description in the Other Notes field.

  • Options:

    • Pre-registration required
    • Do not list on – Hide your session and do not display on HamStudy. Especially helpful, if you want to work on your session listing ahead of time and aren’t quite ready for applicants or want to share a private link to a certain population for whom the session has been scheduled. (i.e. Local radio club or college course) The session is still accessible online, but the applicant will need a private link to view. When you are ready to list your session on HamStudy, return to the session in ET and uncheck the box and it will appear in the HamStudy list of Upcoming test sessions.
    • Receive notification on applicant signup - If this box is selected, a New Applicant Registration notice will be sent to the email listed in the Contact Name and Email field. This email will include the following applicant information: Name, License Class, FRN, Address, Email, Phone Number and the date/time of the session in which applicant registered.
  • Toggle the ExamTools Features Desired dropdown back to Choose… in order to add or remove a check mark for Schedule only and edit the options above. You will see the Schedule only description in the blue box, if your listing is set to not display. In that case, you will need to go back to Choose… to remove the Do not list on selection.

    • Schedule only - Your exam will not appear on the schedule and online registration will be disabled.

    Select the Schedule only and Do not list on combo before you are ready for the public to view your session and register. You may do this to proof-read it, experiment with formatting or share it with your VE team using the private link before it goes live.

    • Contact Name and Email - This field will include the Session Manager’s email address by default, but may be changed to a preferred email address as long as the formatting is maintained. ET uses this email for notification and does not appear in your session listing online. If you want your email to be posted, added it to the Other Notes below.

    • Other Notes (markdown enabled): Add your session description here. Add any additional information which wasn’t included in the rest of the listing. For remote sessions, you may want to include the time and time zone again, links to instructions, how to pay, and contact information. Using markdown, you can style your listing using headers and bullets, include pictures and logos, links and more. Images must be hosted on another server.

  • Review your listing and click [Save] when done.

To View Your Session on HamStudy

  • To view your listing on the web, navigate to the Session List and click on the session which you are interested in.

  • At the end of the title for the session look for a small link icon:

  • Click on the icon and the link to your session on HamStudy will automatically copy to your clipboard. You should be able to open a browser window and paste the url in and the address bar and hit enter. Send the link to others or posted to another website to advertise your session.

  • Search for your session by clicking on the Find a Session from the right side navigation on HamStudy. If the session is not hidden, then it should come up. Find all your sessions by adding your call sign to the end of the following link: Use this URL to link to all your sessions live on HamStudy. Include it in the session description or share in email. This link will not include hidden sessions.

To Edit an Existing Session

  • Return to Manage Sessions and click on Edit Schedule to update or change your listing. Do this within the session from the Current or Session List. Open your session. Along the top of the window, look for a button for EDIT SCHEDULE. This button will take you to the Edit Session window where you can make changes to your exam.