Create an ExamTools Sandbox Account

The ExamTools ecosystem has two distinct environments for Volunteer Examiners.

  • The primary website is found at, and is considered the Production environment. This is where all active Volunteer Examiners need to have an account in order to perform live exams. Make sure to sign up for your production account, if you plan on participating in live sessions.
  • ExamTools also maintains a Sandbox environment that is used for troubleshooting program errors and general VE training. This is a separate database, with different user names and passwords from the Production environment. It is not required to create a Sandbox account to perform live testing; however, your Team Lead may require training sessions in the Sandbox. You might also be interested in using it to follow along with documentation and walk-through videos.

Follow these steps to create an account for use with ExamTools Sandbox / Training Environment

  • Create an account on ExamTools Sandbox. Examtools Register
  • You will receive a confirmation email; click the link in the email or enter the number in the email to confirm your account
  • Enter your personal details. For clarity, we recommend using your call sign as the username. ExamTools Create Profile
  • It will then redirect you to ExamTools.
  • Once logged in, head to your profile to verify your ExamTools account. ExamTools Getting Started
  • Carefully fill out the Verify Callsign form. ExamTools Verify Account Instructions
  • Wait for an email from Examtools stating your account has been verified. ExamTools Account Approved
  • Inform your Team Lead that you are set up on the ExamTools Sandbox and ready to participate in training sessions.

Want to run a practice session by yourself or short on VEs? Check out documentation on Sandbox Exams and dummy VEs in your training sessions.