Here are the primary websites and their uses in the ExamTools Ecosystem


There are many websites in the ExamTools environment. They are broken into three primary categories

  • Production Environment - Use these websites for live test sessions that are intended to be submitted to your VEC.
  • Sandbox / Training Environment - For training new VEs or troubleshooting and experimenting with known and suspected issues. This environment runs on a database that is isolated from production. You will need a separate login to use this site.
  • Development - Both the Production and Sandbox / Training Environments have development stages. These sites are used for testing new features and bugfixes. In all cases, expect unexpected results.
Production OR https://hamstudy.orgProduction website for creating accounts
Production OR https://examtools.orgProduction website for creating and accessing real test sessions
Sandboxhttps://hamstudy.devSandbox environment for creating test accounts
Sandboxhttps://examtools.devSandbox environment for creating and accessing sandbox test sessions for training/practice/learning
Development - Productionhttps://beta.exam.toolsGenerally stable environment with new features. May produce unexpected results
Development - Productionhttps://alpha.exam.toolsBleeding edge environment used by a small group of dev ops; do not use unless you have explicit knowledge of what is happening there. Expect the unexpected. If you are interested in troubleshooting, you should join the development and testing Discord server for more information
Requestshttps://features.exam.toolsWebsite for viewing existing feature requests, voting for ones you find most useful, and requesting new features
Documentationhttps://docs.exam.toolsInstructional website containing user guide and instructions for the ExamTools system