Adding Additional VEC Accreditation

Adding an additional VEC is automatic in ExamTools, if you have an existing ExamTools account and become accredited with one or more additional VECs.

  • Make sure you already have an ExamTools account and your call sign is current.
  • Once your accreditation is officially confirmed by your additional VEC(s), they should add you to a list accessed by ExamTools.
  • Wait until ExamTools syncs with the list. This waiting period could vary depending on the VEC. If we do not see your new accreditation in a day or two, contact your VEC.
  • Confirm your accreditation is active by visiting your Profile at the top of the left navigation menu in ExamTools. Toward the bottom, look for Volunteer Examiner Credentials and click the down caret (arrow) on the right side to expand out and view your accreditations.
  • Inform your Team Lead/CVE that your accreditation is displaying in ExamTools and you are ready to participate in sessions.