Frequently Asked Questions for W5YI VE Team Liaisons


Can a W5YI VE volunteer join existing teams performing remote exams?

Yes. Go into the #W5YI channel in Discord and volunteer. Several team leads monitor the channel and will get in touch, especially if they are short-handed.

I am already an ExamTools VE with another VEC. How do I get added as an W5YI VE?

If you are not accredited as a W5YI VE, you will need to contact a CVE to get sponsored as a W5YI VE.

Once you have your W5YI Credentials, your W5YI CVE will work you through the process of adding your W5YI Credentials to your profile. Your W5YI CVE lead will then be able to add you to their Exam Tools session once Experienced Support has updated your profile.

If you haven’t participated in any W5YI sessions in recent years, you may need to contact W5YI-VEC to get updated in their records before you can participate in online sessions.