Session Locations in ExamTools


ExamTools uses the selected location of the exam as the location in the final session documents. For remote exams, only the city, state and zip will be required on the session schedule page. Please confirm with your VEC, if you are unsure what address to use for your session.


Once you enter an address, you will not have ability to edit or delete it. ExamTools Support can edit addresses on a case-by-case basis for the time being.

Create Specific Display Names:

Use a specific location name as a display name. If you have more than one team lead and/or test location under the same team identifier, create display names that make sense to you and your session schedulers. Home, church, fire station, library, etc. are common names. Choose a proper name or descriptive phrase instead.

Good examples:

  • WM7X home (remote)
  • Kearney Mesa Rec Center (in-person)
  • Carmel Mountain Public Library (in-person)

Non-US Exam Locations for In-person Exams:

For non-US locations, enter the state as DX and the zip as 00000. Enter both the city and country in the city field. Fill in the rest of the address fields as best as you can.

An example of a remote/online exam location:

  • City: Sidney, Australia
  • State: DX
  • Zip: 00000

Advanced Entry: GPS Coordinates

This method is intended for those in unusual situations (i.e. desert, undeveloped area without street address) and requires manual entry of GPS coordinates. You will need the latitude and longitude. Use real values in decimals.

Look it up at

If your address can be found in a Google Maps, please use Simple Entry instead.